Child’s Bespoke Bag Tag

Any name, artfully arranged to make a bag tag out of nothing more than the letters. Supplied with a small cable tie for secure attachment to any bag or case.

I can design and make this for you for £4.50 including shipping. Just make sure you tell me the child’s name, and be careful spell it correctly! Also let me know whether you’d like the tethering loop (see below) to be star- or heart-shaped, and your preferred colour.

bag tags

The tags are a little over 5cm tall, 5mm thick, and as wide as need be. There are a selection of colours in the photograph but I also have many others, so let me know your preference when you place the order and I’ll get in touch to let you know my closest match.

So let me know the name, the colour, and whether you’d like a heart or a star for the tag’s tethering loop.